With years of experience in homeopathic medicine, the team at Miami Beach Pediatrics uses a gentle and effective approach with the goal of healing with the least amount of side effects.



Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that treats ailments with carefully measured doses of substances derived from the natural world. Discovered more than 200 years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemman, homeopathy’s guiding principle is: “Like cures like.” Hahnemman believed that every symptom could be treated with the same substances that cause those same symptoms to appear in healthy people. Instead of suppressing symptoms, homeopathy — derived from the Greek words meaning “similar” and “disease” — uses substances that support those symptoms in an effort to encourage the body to cure itself over time. By the 20th century, homeopathy had become an integral part of European mainstream medicine and is extremely popular throughout the world, including the prefered medical treatment of Great Britain’s royal family.


Homeopathic remedies are always all-natural and are made from plants, minerals, or animal origin. The process of transforming the original substance to a prescribable remedy is called potentization and succussion. This process consists of repeatedly diluting the original substance until it becomes safe to use and its potency is powerful enough to spur effective healing. Homeopathic remedies are individually prescribed and given in small, safe doses to treat and prevent acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathic remedies, unlike drugs, have no harmful side effects and are not addictive. Prepared according to the American Homeopathic Pharmacopocia and regulated by the FDA, the remedies are safe for adults, the elderly, babies, children, and pregnant women. 


Homeopathic practitioners are trained to view and understand their patients holistically. During the initial intake session, patients are encouraged to talk about anything in their lives that might be related to the illness they are experiencing. The success of your homeopathic treatment depends on the practitioner’s ability to prescribe the right remedy for your unique constellation of symptoms. It also depends on the skill of the homeopathic practitioner, the severity and duration of the illness, and the extent of prior suppressive treatment. While homeopathic treatment is not always able to cure every ailment, it can most often help improve a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional overall well-being. 

Homeopathy also has advantages that other treatments don’t. Unlike many modern prescription medications, homeopathic remedies are always natural and safe for all ages — including children, pregnant women, and the elderly. And while modern medicine tends to address very specific symptoms, the homeopathic remedy is always prescribed with the whole person — not just his or her symptoms — in mind. Homeopathy is designed not only to target specific symptoms, but to restore a place of balance or homeostasis to the entire body. 

Homeopathy can be a safe, powerful, and extremely effective way to address the root of one’s symptoms — whether your ailment is stubborn  and has not responded to other interventions, or whether you are experiencing symptoms for the first time. Miami Beach Pediatrics is available to discuss our homeopathic approach with you in person or over the phone in order to help you decide if homeopathy is the right approach for you.