Kilu Horecki, RH (AHG)

Kilu received his Registered Herbalist (RH) title from the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). He is trained in Western herbalism, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Unani-Tibb and the ancient art of Ayurveda. He received his training with David Winston, the authority on modern clinical herbalism and practiced with notable physicians’ practices in New York and Miami.

As a clinical herbalist with focus on fertility, pregnancy, Kilu combines cutting-edge knowledge derived from modern scientific botanical research world with the age-old wisdom of traditional medical systems. He uses Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics, as well as functional blood diagnostic tests to make the most accurate assessment possible. He then creates individualized and unique treatment plan for each patient that completely addresses their fertility concerns or minimizes risk of complications during pregnancy and labor. The center point of Kilu’s treatment plan is formulation of a fully personalized botanical remedy. It is further combined with expert nutritional and lifestyle adjustment recommendations. 

Kilu is actively interested in longevity and in expanding the frontier of botanical therapy. He has published an article on treatment of Zika virus in the peer-reviewed Journal of American Herbalists Guild.