Re-patterning One-on-One Coaching

Keren’s re-patterning program helps clients identify the source of their old behaviors so they can work toward developing positive and productive new ones. 

What is Re-Patterning Coaching?

The body’s diseases often bear direct relation to unresolved or bottled-up emotions — and when these emotions go unresolved, the body becomes vulnerable to disease. Because society often discourages us from open expressions of anger, fear, sadness, and even joy, the body spends tremendous energy suppressing those emotions and not enough energy to sustain your health.

That’s why Keren designed the re-patterning program to help clients identify emotional bottlenecks, release them appropriately, and develop behaviors and strategies to set them for long-term balance and success. 

While a smart remedy can create a dramatic improvement in a patient’s health, deliberate lifestyle changes are critically important in maintaining this improvement. That’s why Keren believes so strongly in coupling homeopathic medicine with strategic re-patterning consultations.  

Re-patterning is often helpful in the following scenarios

  • To help with emotional challenges that have not responded to psychotherapy or other interventions
  • To develop positive and productive communication with family and colleagues
  • To set and maintain healthy emotional boundaries with family and significant others
  • To learn how to identify, access, and appropriately express emotions in the body
  • To target specific phobias and fear-related anxieties that plague day-to-day living
  • To amplify the effects of homeopathic remedy
  • To replace emotional eating with healthy, mindful habits]

Consultation fees:

  •   Initial consultation: $250
  •   Follow-up visits: $160
  •   Re-patterning sessions: $160
  •   Acute/sick  consults: $95

Please note:

  • Credit Card will be required to be given at time of making the appointment.
  • 24 hours-notice for cancellations is expected, Appointments missed without notice will be billed at usual rate.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of the visit.
  • Homeopathic Consultation is not covered by insurance. You may request a receipt at the end of your visit in order to submit for insurance reimbursement.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about these procedures, please call before your appointment or ask to speak with an office manager.