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Dr Bruce Eisenberg


As a Board Certified Pediatrician since 1987, Dr. Eisenberg has provided General Pediatric care for children for over 21 years. He has over the last 10 years integrated a holistic approach into his practice using Homeopathy, Nutrition and Herbal medicine.

Acute and Chronic Illnesses :
Dr. Eisenberg provides care for acutely sick children via sick visits daily. His approach will be to use the most effective yet gentle approach with the lease side effects . He prescribes pharmaceutical medications or homeopathic and herbal remedies based on what he feels will best treat the child. Depending on what means that the parents then decide with the doctor , the child will then be treated. Follow up appointments are then made to assure proper healing.

Besides taking care of acutely ill children, Dr. Eisenberg also treats children with chronic diseases ie Asthma, Diabetes, A.D.D., Chronic Allergies and behavioral disorders. Again, depending on what approach the parents wish, Dr. Eisenberg will choose the safest , gentlest yet efficacious means to treat your child with homeopathy or pharmaceutical medications .

Wellness Care:
Dr. Eisenberg provides annual wellness care for children form birth till 21 years old . During the check ups he performs a comprehensive physical exam. A complete history including a developmental / scholastic and nutritional evaluation is obtained.

Insurance is accepted as payment for most visits except for homeopathic workups. (see the list of insurance that we accept).

For homeopathic visits:

If your insurance is billed and paying for the medical aspect of the visit, the following prices for the workups are:

In Office: 

  • Initial Consultation: $400
  • Follow up Visits: $125
  • Acute Consults: $175