Dr. Joiwind Lowe, DACM

Dr Joiwind Lowe has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1994. She graduated (AP) from the renowned Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare in Miami, where she also completed a two year Chinese herbology program. Expanding her studies to formally incorporate integrative medicine, she earned her Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) at Pacific College of Health and Science. Her specialties include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, color therapy, and NAET. She began studying NAET over 20 years ago, and has taken over a dozen courses with Devi Nambudripad since, quickly finding it to be an invaluable adjunct to her work in Chinese medicine.

Dr Lowe’s practice focus has been pediatric asthma and allergies since 2006, when she founded NAET Kids. She is happy for the opportunity to practice with the interdisciplinary group of doctors and practitioners at Miami Beach Pediatrics, working collaboratively to bring infants, children, and adolescents the best care available.

She believes deeply in the importance of increasing children’s access to alternative medicine by helping parents learn effective home care techniques and also hopes to inspire and train more practitioners to focus on pediatric care. Parents seek out natural remedies, but do not always know that East Asian Medicine is ideally employed as part of a healthy lifestyle to make childhood happier, healthier, and easier. Dr Lowe is building Alternative Pediatrics in order to share this great work with families who might not have direct access to a clinician.

“I practice alternative pediatrics because I believe in the future, because children are suffering at unprecedented rates, and because Chinese medicine – and natural medicine generally – is so underrepresented in their care. I practice because parents deserve to know how much they can help their children at home. I also do this work because of my own experience as a very sick child, lifelong asthmatic, and as the mother of an asthmatic baby. I have personally experienced the profound healing possible with alternative medicine, and share it with other families.”

Dr. Lowe

She loves travel, food, and being a mom. Dr Lowe maintains an art practice in addition to her medical practice, and sees them as twinned outcomes of a single project, each guiding one to an innate sense of freedom. She approaches energy medicine and patient care from creative perspective.