Even before a baby is born, it draws on everything its mother has to offer.  That’s one of the reasons why it’s important that an expectant mother remembers to take care of herself, especially during the child bearing year.  Mom is the total provider for the growing fetus..the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual provider.  On a physical level the baby receives nurturing, protection, food, movement, warmth.  On emotional, mental and spiritual levels the fetus experiences everything the mother experiences – they are both totally connected right down to their body fluids.

During pregnancy, mom’s body goes through many changes:  hips widen, feet swell, her sense of smell is altered, nausea is common, as the baby gets bigger it displaces her organs and bones, pressure on her bladder causes frequent urination, weight gain is a physical and emotional reality, postural distortions are the norm.  Mom’s shape-shifting pregnancy process can cause angst and pain and massage is a great option for relief and support during these transformative times.

Services for Pregnancy Massage:

  • 30 Minutes Session: 80$
  • 45 Minutes Session: 120$
  • 1 Hour Session: 160$
  • 1.5 Hours Session: 240$
  • Any additional 15 Minutes: 40$

Fertility Massage:

Massage designed to help you get pregnant. Wonderful for any woman who intends who has had issues or not. This Type of work combines powerful techniques that have helped many women in their process to having a child.

Great for: Any woman who wishes to aid her body towards a pregnancy.