Pain is a natural built-in body response. It is a crucial part of a signal system designed to protect us from harm. Yet, pain from an injury can be something that we desperately want to get rid of. Pain killers are a quick solution, but they only treat the symptom, not the cause.

After an Injury there are local and global physical issues that need to be addressed. Locally it is important to help the body regain strength and range of motion, reduce scar tissue and relieve pain. On a global level there are unconscious stabilization and compensation patterns which are created to avoid pain. An indirect result of the injury, these patterns, which further cause residual pain and limitation, must be modified and eliminated.

These local and global issues have to be addressed so one can reenter day to day life with as little after effect from an injury as possible. With the proper treatment, healing time can be reduced 30 to 50% and pain levels can be reduced significantly.

Applying knowledge and experience gained from over 25 years of doing rehabilitative healing work, Dr. Gilad identifies and treats the underlying local and global issues in order to reduce and eliminate pain and help the body return to optimum function.

Here are some examples of situations which benefited from treatment:

-An athlete who injured his knee in a basketball game was back on his feet again and could walk without pain after a session with Dr Gilad.

-Ten years after a woman was involved in an automobile accident, Dr Gilad was able to improve a knee limitation and reduce her pain levels.

When Dr Gilad treats tension headaches they are usually gone in a single session.

There’s no need to live with local or global movement limitations and pain as a result of accident or injury.  See how you can restore optimum function and return to a “normal” daily life. Just call and ask for a free initial consultation to see how your particular condition can be modified or completely eliminated.


  • 30 Minutes Session: 80$
  • 45 Minutes Session: 120$
  • 1 Hour Session: 160$
  • 1.5 Hours Session: 240$
  • Any additional 15 Minutes: 40$

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