Miami Beach Pediatrics Center for Integrative Medicine​

We offer a unique team based approach to health and wellness for children and adults. Skilled in both western and integrative medicine and homeopathy, our care team of physicians offer patients a natural approach to wellness and health along with general pediatric intervention.

A Message to Our Patients

From Dr. Bruce Eisenberg


We have been the natural health resource for thousands of South Florida’s children and visitors who seek a truly holistic approach to achieve improved and sustained wellness.

It’s our goal to review each individual case and, in close communication with the parents and guardians of our patients, to determine a holistic approach that emphasizes the least invasive possible course of treatment. One with the greatest likelihood for sustained, long-term health.

I invite you to call and speak with us. We can help discover the root cause of health issues and help your child live a healthier life.

Dr. Bruce Eisenberg

Meet Miami Beach Pediatrician

Dr. Bruce N. Eisenberg

Miami Beach’s Premier Holistic, Complementary, Homeopathic and Integrative Pediatrician

5/5 Star Rating From U.S. News & World Report

Dr. Bruce Eisenberg has been honorably mentioned among “Best Doctors in America” magazine and “South Florida Magazine ” as Miami’s Best Pediatrician. In 2020, he was rated in U.S. News as a top pediatrician receiving 5-star reviews. Dr. Eisenberg has been nominated several times to be among South Florida’s best Pediatricians.

Our services

A comprehensive and holistic approach to general pediatrics that includes both traditional and complementary therapies and treatments.

Homeopathy uses holistic natural system of medicine that treats ailments with carefully measured doses of substances derived from the natural world.

One-on-one coaching designed to help you break out of damaging patterns, form new ones, and ensure homeopathic treatment is amplified and boosted with positive lifestyle changes.

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in treating disease, using techniques mapped by Chinese scholars over a period of two thousand years.

Known as NAET is a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies and sensitivities of all types and severities.

Food is medicine. Our Holistic Nutrition program can help with weight loss, health, child development and more. 

Our Physician Team


Dr. Eisenberg has been honorably mentioned among “Best Doctors in America” magazine and “South Florida Magazine ” as Miami’s Best Pediatrician.


Keren specializes in Classical Homeopathy for the entire family at Miami Beach Pediatrics Center for Holistic Medicine. She has successfully helped and educated children and adults with a wide range of ailments.


Dr. Waserstein has a strong interest in preventive care and truly values the relationships she is able to form with her patients and their families. These connections help nourish her passion for pediatrics and a close connection with the Miami Beach community.


Dr. Caroline Collado-Cruz , is a board-certified pediatrician with over 15 years of experience practicing medicine.

Registered Herbalist

Kilu received his Registered Herbalist (RH) title from the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). He is trained in Western herbalism, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Unani-Tibb and the ancient art of Ayurveda.


Dr. Joiwind Lowe, DACM has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1994 and her focus is on pediatric asthma and allergies.

What WE Can Do For You

Sinus Remedy

homeopathic medicine

Recommended to patients for over twenty (20) years Sinus RX Temporarily relieves the following sinus symptoms that have lasted at least seven (7) days: nasal congestion, sinus pain and pressure, mucus discharge, cough, sore throat, eye irritation, and headache.


Our Team is Ready to Help

Get in Touch with us. Our holistic approach will have you and your child on a path to wellness.