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Medical Doctors and Holistic Practitioners

Our Team

Bruce Eisenberg, MD, FAAP, DNBHE
Homeopathy, General Pediatrics

For the last 3 years Dr Eisenberg was honorably mentioned among "Best Doctors in America" magazine and "South Florida Magazine " as Miami's Best Pediatrician.

Varisa Boriboon Perlman, MD FAAP
General Pediatrics

Dr.Perlman is particularly interested in empowering parents in the care of their children. Philosophically, she believes that her "job" as a pediatrician is to create strong, confident parents.

Karen Levy, CHom

Keren specializes in Classical Homeopathy for the entire family at Miami Beach Pediatrics Center for Holistic Medicine. She has successfully helped and educated children and adults with a wide range of ailments.

Gilad Schafman Msc.D. LMT
Neuro Developmental

Gilad has moved to Miami Beach to join the integrative staff of Miami Beach Pediatrics. Gilad has been a therapist for over two decades. In his practice he incorporates many modalities to bring the client into balance in the most effective way he can.

Elena Dementyeva
NAET & Accupuncture

Dr. Dementyeva’s specializes in treating allergies and allergy related disorders focusing not only on treatment of ailments but also prevention.

Renée Rosen

Renée offers personalized services and programs dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals by making nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Freda Eisenberg, RN, IBCLC

Freda has been a Lactation Educator for a diverse audience of expecting parents, medical professionals, nursing staff, as well as nursing students at many South Florida hospitals.

Anita K.Hale, LMT
Cranio Sacral Therapy

Anita specializes in CranioSacral therapy for Pediatrics and CranioSacral Therapy for chronic pain.

Our Services

Miami Beach Center for Integrative Medicine

General Pediatrics

Bruce Eisenberg, MD, FAAP, DNBHE Following his graduating with a B.S. degree from Tulane University,...

Homeopathic Consultations with Keren Levy for Children and Adults

Keren Levy has been practicing homeopathic medicine consulting both children and adults at the reno...

Homeopathic Consultations With Dr Bruce Eisenberg

As a Board Certified Pediatrician since 1987, Dr. Eisenberg has provided General Pediatric care for ...

Neuro Developmental Functional & Massage Therapies

In our childhood some of us have heard the expression “straiten up”, “How are hold...


Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques Known as NAET is a non-invasive, drug free, natural solu...


Acupuncture consists of the gentle insertion of fine, sterile, disposable needles into strategic poi...


Colorpuncture is one of the Europe’s most popular new alternative healing disciplines. It involves...

Nutritional Consultations

What Conditions Can Nutrition Intervention Improve? Diabetes, Obesity, Eating Disorders, Food Intol...

Pain Management

Pain is a natural built-in body response. It is a crucial part of a signal system designed to protec...

Injury and Accident Rehabilitation

Pain is a natural built-in body response. It is a crucial part of a signal system designed to protec...

Fertility Massage

  Massage designed to help you get pregnant. Wonderful for any woman who intends who has had is...

Pregnancy Massage

Even before a baby is born, it draws on everything its mother has to offer.  That’s one of the re...

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum or prenatal massage is just as powerful and just as important as pregnancy massage.  Foc...

Infant Massage

Services for Infant Massage: 2 hours private session: 200$ 4 hours group classes: 200$ Infant Massa...

The Frequency Coaching

Services for The Frequency Coaching: 15 Minutes Session: $40 1 Hour Session: $160 The Human Freque...

Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbology is one of the most important aspects utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It ...

CranioSacral Therapy

What is CranioSacral Therapy Osteopathic researcher and founder of CranioSacral Therapy, John E. Upl...

Lactation Consultations

Freda Eisenberg is a long time, devoted professional in maternal child field. She is a senior RN fro...

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Our Testimonials

After a month of desperately trying every single therapy, remedy and specialist for my son’s night terrors the only way out was homeopathy

I have always been a good friend of conventional medicine and not a strong believer in alternative medicine. However, after six weeks of despair with my five year old suffering from night terrors and as a parent not knowing how to treat them, I welcomed any alternative that gave me some hope. My son’s pediatrician, a neurologist and every single reading that I found on the Internet all agreed on the same fact: night terrors have not been studied in depth and there is no right answer on how to treat them. After several sleepless nights, of extreme concern and desperation I decided to respond to a close friend’s constant advice about how she relied on homeopathy.


Susana Vargas-Gamarra: Homeopathy for night terrors

I have to be honest…I wasn’t a strong believer in homeopathic care until I saw it’s magic from my own eyes.  My daughter, who at the time was about 15 months old had a small lifted red rash.  I went to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist and did whatever they asked me to do.  I gave her oral and topical steroids which neither worked and made the rash spread throughout her body.  The next step for them was to do a biopsy.  I was scared and desperate but I finally decided to try going a more natural way before cutting into my poor baby’s skin.  After 3 weeks of pharmaceutical treatment and no results , Keren gave her a remedy and within 2 days her body started to clear up.  This was only the beginning to my natural path of living.  I thank her for introducing me to homeopathic medicine and I now have a clear conscious to make decisions without the brainwashing of these large drug companies.

Sivan Danon, Homeopathy for skin eruptions