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The Scoop on Kids Nutrition

The solution is education and empowerment.  Kids nowadays have no idea where food comes from or how to make their own. Parents are often unable to teach their kids how to be healthy due to their busy lives and lack of knowledge.  Subsequently, kids are missing the knowledge and skills to become or stay healthy.

There must be outside resources- community, medical and school-based classes and programs to empower kids to produce and prepare healthy food.  Personally, I am working on a kids’ book series, a kids’ nutrition adventure cartoon, and nutrition and cooking classes for teenagers.

One step you can take to get your kid started on the road to good health is to see a nutritionist. If they are under age 10, you will probably need to be present for the greatest impact. Though, if they are beyond elementary school age and making many of their own food choices, your child may prefer to see a nutritionist independently.

At Miami Beach Pediatrics Center for Integrative Medicine, we offer nutritional consultations for kids of all ages. I have been a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist for over 10 years, and I genuinely enjoy empowering kids with tools to become healthier through nutrition. I will also be addressing various health and nutrition topics in our new e-newsletter. Stay tuned, and contact our office for more information about how your child can get on the track to a healthier lifestyle and eating plan.

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