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After a month of desperately trying every single therapy, remedy and specialist for my son’s night terrors the only way out was homeopathy

I have always been a good friend of conventional medicine and not a strong believer in alternative medicine. However, after six weeks of despair with my five year old suffering from night terrors and as a parent not knowing how to treat them, I welcomed any alternative that gave me some hope. My son’s pediatrician, a neurologist and every single reading that I found on the Internet all agreed on the same fact: night terrors have not been studied in depth and there is no right answer on how to treat them. After several sleepless nights, of extreme concern and desperation I decided to respond to a close friend’s constant advice about how she relied on homeopathy.


Susana Vargas-Gamarra, Homeopathy

I have to be honest…I wasn’t a strong believer in homeopathic care until I saw it’s magic from my own eyes.  My daughter, who at the time was about 15 months old had a small lifted red rash.  I went to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist and did whatever they asked me to do.  I gave her oral and topical steroids which neither worked and made the rash spread throughout her body.


Sivan Danon, Homeopathy

Our son Parker did not sleep for the first 18 months of his life due to severe gastrointestinal problems exacerbated by multiple antibiotic treatments due to ear infections.  Within  one day of giving Parker his first remedy he was a new child one that slept and was not in pain.  We found at 22 months Parker had autism.  We immediatley began using homeopathy to help.


Meredith Moylan, Homeopathy

My son was diagnosed developmentally delayed in all areas at 2 and a half. For 2 years I followed everything I was told to do. Early intervention was emphasized and speech, physical, behavioral and occupational therapy became part of our lives each day. We enrolled him in a special language school and did anything and everything we could to assist in early intervention. By the time he was 4, my doctor suggested consulting with a homeopath. Although I had used homeopathy to treat acute conditions, I had never thought that it could help with something as chronic as developmental delays.


Bonnie Rodriguez, Homeopathy

Keren Levy uses her extensive knowledge, sensitivity, and insight to heal myself, my husband, and our two children. She has treated us all for nearly seven years and we are all happy with her! From treating ear infections and bronchitis when the kids were little to tendinitis and sleep issues as they get bigger- she does it all. We will continue to use Keren to keep us balanced, healthy, and happy for years to come!

The Zimmerman Family, Homeopathy


To whom it may concern

My name is Nirit Pick and I am the mother of a 14 years old daughter, when she was 7 she was diagnosed with ADHD. When she was 12 a children’s orthopedist found she has scoliosis.

The orthopedist opinion was that she needed Physiotherapy for scoliosis. I debated what to do and I received recommendation of Dr. Gilad Schafman, who at my surprise established a warm connection with my daughter already at the first meeting, what enabled her as a teen eager to feel comfortable and relaxed in the sessions. Dr. Schafman worked on two issues, one is ADD and the other is the scoliosis.

There were many exercises my daughter was asked to do at home, some of them were to improve posture and some to help with concentration. And I know from my daughter who defined Gilad Schafman not only as a good practitioner but also as a person who created much trust, by sharing things from his life she was able to share her own issues and receive many tips for her life.

After 10 sessions we went back to the orthopedist and asked for another X-Ray.

To my surprise as well as the orthopedist who was skeptic with my choice of treatment which is unconventional the scoliosis has completely disappeared.

I want to thank Dr. Gilad Schafman for the personal and warm care he has given her and especially for solving the scoliosis she had.

Best Regards

                                                                   Nirit Pick  

Structural Integration (Rolfing) and Scoliosis and ADHD

How can I start. We were desperate when our daughter got diagnosed at 20 months with autism. We searched and change of pediatritan multiple times and none of them helped us. Finally, I found Dr. Eisenberg and we got answers. As a parent with a child with autism, the first thing you want is to fix your child. But as you walk the road, you learn and accept. Dr. Eisenberg, suggested the blood allergy test and my daughter was allergic to gluten, casein, egg, tomato, banana and many more. We started changing her diet right away and we saw amazing changes. She was aggressive, her speech was very limited and she would have contact vision with us. After a couple of weeks, she stopped being aggressive, she started to try to express her words. Her constipation dissapeared and we saw hope. For the first time in a year we started to see our child to improve. One thing that we started before since her diagnose was occupational and speech therapy and Dr. Eisenberg, suggested also Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA. By the time our daughter was four, we saw major improvement. He always in every visit, does a development assessment and we discussed other ways of improving her life. She started a program, called LEAP for autism and we saw that she was able to integrate little by little to a normal mainstream class. Still, we always kept her diet, therapy and Dr. Eisenberg recommendations. Today, our daughter is 6 years old and she still in therapy, diet and she’s in a regular mainstream class with a paraprofessional. Dr. Eisenberg, always keeps guiding us in different ways to keep helping us and we cant be more grateful. We still have a long road to go, but our daughter is happy, healthy and living a happy childhood. I cant even imagine, how things would have been now without his help. Thank you Dr. Eisenberg and Miami Beach Pediatrics!

Erica Lozano-Acevedo
Your help was priceless

I began the search for a pediatrician long before my baby was born. Both my husband and I were keen on finding “the one”. We interviewed 13 doctors before choosing Dr. Eisenberg as my little ones pediatrician.

I think I knew instantly it would be him. I loved the way he treated my daughter. He’s just so sweet to her. On our first appointment, she was a little constipated (2 days) and with a couple of leg moves that he pratciced on her and a little pressure on her belly she pooped in 2 hours! I had never been happier to see poop!

He also treated my newborn’s high levels of Jaundice. My husband and I were freaking out awaiting the final lab results. It was late and I figured no one would call us back and I would have to check back in the AM. Well, It doesn’t seem to matter because at 10PM Dr. Eisenberg called letting us know her Jaundice levels were now normal. I was so relieved and thankful for his follow up.Despite being in Miami Beach there is very accessible parking, the office is easy to find, and the staff is amazing and very compassionate with the children. I’m very happy that I found this pediatrics office and strongly recommend it to all my family and friends.

Jacqueline CastilloImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor
Friendly, easy to reach and most important so helpful

You are only as good as your weakest link. I give the doctors a grade A rating. Dr. Eisenberg is everything you look for when you are searching for a pediatrician. He is experienced, compassionate, patient, and knowledgable. Every time I have called his after hours line they have been so helpful. He strives to create the dynamic of empowering parents to trust in their child’s body and heal from the inside out. We have gone through : croup, flu, and infections without hospitalization or antibiotics. As far as Dr Perlman she balances Dr Eisenberg perfectly. She brings an emphasis to pediatric nutrition with a holistic strategy. With all this being said I want to say I took off three stars for their Nurse Andi. I made a simple call to inquire about my child’s vaccine schedule and she treated me with rudeness and piss poor customer service. This is the second time I have ever called the office during business hours to ask a question and it is the second time I have been treated with such disrespect by Andi. After being on hold for 15 minutes I tried calling the office manager and her mailbox was full. We spend $70/year on an online portal, you can not tell me that looking up a question about my child’s vaccine schedule was such a difficult task requiring such chaos and turmoil. The office needs to reevaluate the people who are putting a paycheck in their hands….the customer! If it wasn’t for the stellar quality of Doctors in this office I would be gone!

Meghan Phelan Goicouria
You are only as good as your weakest link

August 16 at 10:10am · 
My daughter had a severe case of eczema since she had 3 months and we visited many doctors, but all of them prescribed her oral and potent topical steroids. When she was 18 months, her eczema was out of control. We wanted to stop steroids because the long term use were causing the exacerbated eczema, but all doctors didn’t care about our opinion until we met Dr. Bruce Eisenberg. He was exceptional, he never judged us. He recommended us an alternative treatment and after 4 months our daughter’s skin cleared up. We are really THANKFUL with Dr. Eisenberg and all the great staff for being very supportive!!! Finally, our daughter has a normal life again 🙂

Eczema relif