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Stocking Your Supplement Cupboard: Find Out What Our Nutritionist Keeps in Hers

      We all have a unique biochemical make up; it’s based on our genes, on the nutritional status of our mother upon our birth, and on our diet and lifestyle throughout our lives. This includes potential exposure to toxins, viruses, fungus & bacteria, our stress levels, our water & air quality, our personal life emotional health, and other factors.
      As we progress through our lifecycle, our nutritional needs shift. Pregnancy, increased physical labor, sports impact and injuries, infections, toxic exposure (including to food/alcohol) hospitalizations, travel, and aging all place additional nutritional demand on our bodies. From birth until death, our nutritional needs change hundreds of times; it’s possible they are different each day. Getting in tune with your own body’s needs, and adapting a flexible nutritional regime can help you prevent disease, offset illnesses and gain energy and wellbeing. 
        I keep a wide variety of nutritional supplements in my home to help keep myself and my family balanced and healthy. My nutritional program changes regularly based on what I feel is needed to balance mood, energy, nutrient voids or additional toxins I may have ingested (aka. a medication or alcohol). I don’t take the identical regime every day. Instead I keep a cupboard of supplements which I believe in, and I use them according to what else is happening in my life. Below you can see which nutrients I stock in my nutritional cupboard, and why I take them.
Strawberry Paleomeal- an excellent and delicious whey protein powder from grass fed cows, contains added nutrients (minerals, omega-3s, fiber)
Vanilla Whey Cool- a pure whey protein from the same healthy cows as what’s found in Paleomeal, without added nutrients
Paleomeal Packets- convenient on-the-go travel protein packs
Paleocleanse Detox Powder- my favorite cellular cleansing product. This is best used when you are also planning to limit toxins and take a few days to “cleanse”. I recommend you take probiotics first to clear your digestive track, and that when taking Paleocleanse, you also pair it with LV-GB and an antioxidant formula and/or lots of colorful fruits and vegetables
Paleogreens- an excellent primarily organic greens powder, great for those who need more greens than they can consume each day. Greens protect us from cancer and heart disease, balance pH, and help with energy and detoxification. I drink a tablespoon of this every day with water and a squeeze of fresh lime
Paleoreds- a primarily organic blend of the beautiful red and purple foods. Delicious, a great juice replacement, and mega-healthy for your body!
C+ BioFizz- this vitamin C powder is delicious! It tastes like the old “Tang” drink, though there’s no sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Complete Multi Caps- A good solid multi- far superior to Centrum or another over-the-counter multi. It’s in capsule form, so better absorbed than a tablet.
Magnesium Glycinate– This is my choice nutrient for relaxation and improved sleep. It has also benefitted my patients with high blood pressure. Magnesium acts to relax the muscles and nervous system and helps maintain healthy heart rythym. Most people are deficient in magnesium due to soil depletion of this mineral.
Zinc Supreme- zinc is used in more chemical reactions in the human body than any other nutrient. Therefore a deficiency can show up in many ways. In particular zinc is used to improve immune function, skin, appetite, sweet cravings, and brain issues.
B-Supreme B Complex- I think we all need a little extra B-complex due to hectic and stressful lives. B-complex is crucial in glucose/energy metabolism as well as in managing stress.
Glutamine Powder or Caps- I’ve seen this amino acid work magic in people trying to build lean tissue. It also is super helpful for digestive problems and healing the gut.
Endotrim- I’ve had a lot of clients who’ve felt this has helped them in weight loss. It has a blend of nutrients and herbs which act on various levels to help with weight loss. It works on various types of metabolism and cravings.
Brain Power Sours- if noone told you, you would probably guess that these little sours were bad-for-you candy. Yes, that’s how delicious they are. And they support brain function with specialized brain nutrients. I ask people to use them when they have cravings, especially good for kids with candy/sweet cravings.
Inflammatone- There’s research and beliefs that inflammation underlies all disease. This herbal and nutrient blend helps to reduce inflammation and is suitable for those dealing with pain or other inflammatory conditions. Consult your physician if taking medications.
Allicin- This blend of garlic and cinnamon bark is potent and effective. It helps kill yeast in the intestines, an ever growing problem people are dealing with which may manifest in irritable bowel issues, skin issues, or vaginal yeast issues.
Berry Frutol- This is an omega-3 fish oil disguised through emulsification with a delicious berry blend. My oldest niece has always loved it!
Finest Pure Fish Oils- This is just pure omega-3 fish oil with a hint of essential oil of orange. Definitely one of my favorite fish oils!
HLC Intensive- An excellent and effective probiotic, I cannot say enough good things about the HLC Probiotic line. This is FOS free.
HLC High Potency Powder- A delicious tasting form of HLC Probiotics. This contains FOS and apricot.
HLC Mindlinx- Just like the Intensive form, but with 2 added strains to help breakdown gluten and casein, and a small amount of glutamine.
Trace Minerals by Pharmax- a good trace mineral blend
Vitalzym X  by World Nutrition- a systemic enzyme useful in reducing inflammation and fibrinogenic conditions.
Theanine by Metabolic Maintenance- Did someone say they needed to relax? Theanine can help you do that more effectively.
L-Lysine by Metabolic Maintenance- Reverses viral overgrowth. The truth? Most people have one or more virus in their body. You may never eradicate it, though you can limit it’s growth, and lysine may be the best non-pharmaceutical to do that.
200 Mg of Zen by Allergy Research- This is a combination of theanine and GABA. Take it before meditating, or to result in a similar Zen like feeling
Oreganol by North Amercian Herb and Spice- This is a powerful plant anti-biotic. It acts as an anti-viral, fungal, and baterial.
Xylitol Gum- I love gum, but I hate aspartame and sucralose. This gum has neither, just xylitol.
Organic Coconut Oil by Nutiva- Coconut Oil is delicious, tolerates a medium amount of heat in cooking, and contains monolaurin, a well known anti-fungal compound.
Biogenesis Ultra Lean Gluco Support Bars: Crispy Rice, Spice Bars, Chocolate Mint & Peanut Butter Crunch- gluten free, blood sugar balancing bars. There’s no better available on the market!

All of these supplements can be purchased through Miami Beach Pediatrics in house supplement program. If you need help deciding which supplements to stock, you can consult with Rachael Richardson. She’s a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist who has been studying and using many of these supplements in her daily practice for 10 years.  If you’re not sure if your health goals or conditions can be addressed through nutritional supplementation, you can receive a complimentary 5-minute phone evaluation with Rachael. You can do this by contacting our office at 305-672-7337 and asking for your complimentary phone evaluation with Rachael. If you’d prefer to schedule a complete consultation with Rachael, you can do this too, here at Miami Beach Pediatrics.

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