Schedule: Monday, Thursday & Friday 9:00 - 17:00, Tuesday, Wednesday - 9:00 - 20:00, Saturday - Closed, Sunday - 10:00 - 13:30
Dr Gilad Schafman


Services for The Frequency Coaching:

15 Minutes Session: $40
1 Hour Session: $160

The Human Frequency:

Every person comes into the world with an innate frequency. This is a type of filter through which they see the world. Understanding your type and your child’s can help you relate better with each other. Also this is a wonderful tool to see how you view the world and if you and your partner want to have a better understanding of each other this is just the tool for you. The evaluation of the Human frequency is done with the sense of smell and special mixes of aromatherapy oils. As the sense of smell is the most primary and overrides logic it allows for your true nature to be revealed.

Great for: Understanding yourself, your partner and your child better and learning how to improve your relationship with each other. Also possible to take coaching for getting to where you want to be in life.