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Natural approach to wellness Skilled in both Western and Alternative Medicine approaches
our team offers patients the option of a natural approach
to wellness along with the security of a general pediatric
intervention wherever appropriate.
On the beach and part of your community Miami Beach Pediatrics Center For Integrative Medicine has been the natural health resource for thousands of South Florida’s children and visitors who seek a truly holistic approach to achieve improved and sustained wellness. Team Based Approach Miami Beach Pediatrics Center For Integrative Medicine treats both children and adults. We offer a unique, team-based approach to individual cases that are reviewed bymedical doctors and holistic practitioners to determine the least invasive possible course of treatment with the greatest likelihood for sustained, long-term health.

Galit S. Zarco, MS RD LDN


Galit S. Zarco, MS RD LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a Master’s in Dietetics and Nutrition. Galit was born in Cali, Colombia and raised in Miami. She speaks fluent Spanish. She is the owner and lead dietitian of Eat Live Nutrition, a holistic nutrition and wellness practice in Miami Beach.


Apart from her practice, she works closely with schools, providing their children nutrition care, monitoring their wellness, improving their nutrition knowledge through interactive lessons and improving their food quality by creating balanced healthy meals. She also frequently collaborates with local fitness studios and other health professionals in the area to assist their clients with weight-loss services.


Galit’s holistic nutrition expertise, passion and experience in pediatrics is a perfect complement to our practice. We encourage you to take advantage of this beneficial service. Call our office today to schedule your first appointment, 305-672-7337.