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Msc.D. LMT

Gilad Schafman

Gilad Schafman Msc.D. LMT

Neuro Developmental
Gilad Schafman Msc.D. LMT 54803 is an International Evaluator, Practitioner, Teacher, Therapist and Neuro Developmental Functional Approach Therapist (NDFA).
A practicing Massage Therapist since 1990, he started teaching massage in 1992.  Gleaned from years of treating people with physical and emotional conditions, Gilad brings a broad and varied wealth of experience and knowledge to his work in the health and wellness field.
He has a doctorate in metaphysics; he is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Rolfing practitioner; he does infant massage, pregnant and postpartum massage, teaches yoga and movement awareness; he is a Non Violent Communication practitioner (NVC) , just to name a few of the talents and skills he brings to the table.
In the clinic he evaluates and educates individuals and their families as he works with conditions such as pain, posture (torticollis, Scoliosis), learning skills and a whole spectrum of developmental disorders (ADD/ ADHD/Asperger, etc.)
Gilad is a senior faculty member and primary teacher at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami.  In his private practice, he specializes in pain management, posture and rehabilitation after injury and accidents by supporting the release of emotional trauma from the bodymind.  His work is sought out in Israel, Europe, New York, Los Angeles and beyond.
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